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F1 2016 - Attention F1 Fans! The latest game to feature that glorious and hideously expensive circus of speed has hit the grid and Steve Polak takes it for a spin. Is F1 2016 stalled in the pits or will it be podium material. Reviewed on PS4.F1 2016 Reviewed on Web Wombat
No Man's Sky - If you have ever wanted to truly get lost then this is the game to indulge in. Offering a quintilion worlds and some stunning visuals No Man's Sky is the biggest space exploration game on a console to date. Reviewed on PS4.No Man's Sky Reviewed On Web Wombat
Metroid Prime: Federation Force - Nintendo's coolest space adventure returns, although Samus is absent. Can Metroid work without its renowned femme fatale? Steve Polak joins the beleaguered Federation Force in order to find out. Reviewed on Nintendo 3DS.Metroid Prime: Federation Force : Review on Web Wombat Games
Pokken Tournament - Pokemon has always been about battle, but this new game for the first time sees your duels taking place in a free flowing real time mode. Gone is the turn based strategy and in its place fast paced tactical play. Does this mean we like Pokken Tournament? Reviewed on Nintendo WiiU.Pokken Tournament Reviewed on Web Wombat
Prison Architect - Rule with an iron fist or a velvet glove, but make sure you keep a lid on your maximum security facility in Prison Architect. Steve Polak is pretty dodgy and feels worryingly at home with the cons behind bars. So we thought he'd be perfect to check out this intriguing prison management game. Reviewed on PS4.Prison Architect Reviewed On Web Wombat

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