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Dirt Rally - Mud mavericks get ready. The latest off road racer is roaring out of the Codemaster garage. Is it stalled on the grid or do we have a podium performer? Steve Polak plants the right foot and finds out. Reviewed on PS4.Dirt Rally : Review on Web Wombat Games
Dark Souls III - The one word review for this game would be easy to compose. We’d just go with ‘epic’ and leave the page blank. However if you are wanting more detail, a reasonable request we reckon, then read on as Steve's Dark Souls III review awaits! Reviewed on Xbox One.Dark Souls III Reviewed On Web Wombat
Bravely Second: End Layer - Despite the seemingly nonsensical title Bravely Second is a new RPG from the masters at Square Enix that looks like it might manage to stand out from the crowd. Does it pull off this feat in a market heaving under the weight of 3DS role players? Read on and see . . . Reviewed on Nintendo 3DS.Bravely Second: End Layer Reviewed On Web Wombat
Quantum Break - Would you like a 3D shooter with bullet time, a dark narrative and stunning graphics? Sounds like Remedy Entertainment's Quantum Break has finally materialised! We put this game, touted as 'the next big thing' through its paces in this jumbo sized review. Reviewed on Xbox One.Quantum Break Reviewed on Web Wombat
Heroes Of Might & Magic VII - Heroes Of Might and Magic VI was a gigantic flop. Instead of pleasing fans the game tried to reinvent the wheel and came up a cropper when there were too many changes. Heroes VII tries to walk a more conservative path, but the question remains. . . .has the love gone? Steve Polak dons his chain mail armour +10 and heads off into the wilderness. Reviewed on PC.Heroes Of Might & Magic VII Reviewed on Web Wombat

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