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Yoshi's Woolly World - Yoshi has been around for almost as long as Mario, but he has a lot going for him. In this latest game the lovable lizard tries to capture the attention of the knitting nerds among us with a game that delivers a a world held together by twisted textiles. Woolly World is certainly unusual and it could also be the most appealing achievement on the WiiU to date. Read our review to see if the game 'looms' large on your shopping list (and yes that was a textile themed pun, albeit a bad one). Reviewed on Nintendo WiiU.Yoshi's Woolly World : Reviewed on Web Wombat Games
Splatoon - A shooter that focuses on NOT hitting your enemies? Yes you guessed it, this Nintendo action title reinvents the shooter and adds a superb twist. Not only must you focus on painting the environment, but you are a half squid half human creature called and inkling?!? Splatoon is both warped and wonderful with online action and plenty of solo play in store. Could this just be the best game we see from Nintendo for the WiiU this year? Reviewed on Nintendo WiiU.Splatoon Reviewed On Web Wombat
War for the Overworld - It is good to be bad in War For The Overworld. This game is the spiritual successor to the brilliant Dungeon Keeper fantasy strategy 'dungeon sim' battle game. You must gouge out a dungeon from the bowls of the earth, populate it with all sorts of nasties and then sally forth and destroy rival dungeon lords. The original Dungeon Keeper had a wickedly dark sense of humour. War For The Overworld aims for the same mix of tough strategy and mirth. Does it work? Reviewed on PC .War for the Overworld Reviewed On Web Wombat
Toukiden: Kiwame - Toukiden Kiwame might not reinvent the wheel, but it is still an intense demon bashing game for those who like their action intense and aren't too fussed about the intricacies of narrative. The game is a pastiche of previous Toukiden offerings with a few new trinkets thrown in. Steve Polak grabs a huge club and wades into the fray. Reviewed on PS4.Toukiden: Kiwame  Reviewed on Web Wombat
Wolfenstein The Old Blood - In these politically correct times we loved the unashamed brutality of the recently released Wolfenstein: New Order. The game dished up true 'adult' game play with plenty of bowel turning passages and moments of unbridled cruelty, that saw your jaw hitting the floor when you first encountered it. The cavalcade of truly evil characters we loved to hate was just the icing on this rather macabre cake. Does the sequel, intriguingly titled, The Old Blood, also deserve our crimson soaked stamp of approval? Steve Polak parachutes into the Nazi stronghold and tries to survive long enough to tell the tale of the game. Reviewed on Xbox One.Wolfenstein The Old Blood Reviewed on Web Wombat

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