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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - Naughty Dog have one final swan song readied for Nathan Drake and it looks like the gravel voiced hero with the permanent stubble is going to go out on an all time high. Steve Polak follow this most intrepid of adventurers on his last big foray out into the wicked world or treasure and betrayal. Reviewed on PS4.Uncharted 4: A Thief's End : Review on Web Wombat Games
Overwatch - A game from Blizzard that is devoid of Orcs, Zerglings or treacherous dungeons?!? It is not only possible, but the freshly released Overwatch might even prove to be a bold new step in a fresh direction. Steve Polak grabs the biggest gun he can find and ventures forth. Reviewed on PS4.Overwatch Reviewed on Web Wombat
Star Fox Zero - Star Fox has been the definitive 3D space shooter on every Nintendo platform it has graced to date. This latest incarnation aims high and looks to add innovation while continuing the trend. Is it on target or will Star Fox misfire? Steve Polak takes aim in this review. Reviewed on Nintendo WiiU.Star Fox Zero Reviewed On Web Wombat
Doom - Time to finally get knee deep in the dead with this long awaited revamp of one of the most seminal games ever - Doom. Steve Polak not only knows what BFG stands for but often packs a IDKFA. Check out his gore soaked review. Reviewed on Xbox One.Doom Reviewed On Web Wombat
Hyrule Warriors Legends - What does this latest Zelda themed game have with a PS2 classic? Steve Polak makes the connection in this intriguing Hyrule Warriors Legends battlegame review. Zelda fans might well be in for some fun here. Reviewed on Nintendo 3DS.Hyrule Warriors Legends Reviewed on Web Wombat

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