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Fantasia: Music Evolved - Blending the Disney tale bearing the same name and a musical dancing game, Fantasia seems like an awkwardly conceived idea at first. However the Disney characters do eventually manage to make sense in the context of this unusual dancing game. Better still Fantasia: Music Evolved dares to do something different with the genre and manages to keep you fit into the process. Steve Polak gets his groove on with this most charming effort from Disney. Reviewed on Xbox One.Fantasia: Music Evolved Reviewed on Web Wombat
Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round - Time to punch a bunch before lunch yet again with the latest update in the ever popular Dead Or Alive series. With more fighters and extras than before Last Round promises to be the definitive offering for DOA 5 fans. Steve Polak dusts off his ninja suit and goes toe to toe with the game to see if it still has what it takes to be a top contender. Reviewed on Xbox One.Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round Reviewed on Web Wombat
Total War: Attila - Depending on how much you are a fan of history, you might be well aware of the pivotal role Attila the Hun had in reshaping the map of Europe. As far as warlords go, he was one of the most significant figures in the fourth century, hastening the end of the Roman Empire. Attila was also a master horseman, as the Huns were known to 'live in the saddle'. Legend was that he 'had a million horseman at his back', the truth was closer to half that figure. No matter what your level of knowledge of history, the game Total War: Attila is a mighty strategy offering that deserves your attention if you are a fan of the genre. Steve Polak saddles up and gives conquest a go. Reviewed on PC.Total War: Attila on PC : Reviewed on Web Wombat Games
Ori And The Blind Forest - Are games art? Can a video game be emotionally evocative and still offer the sort of instantaneous 'plug and play' fun we expect from the medium. Does pathos belong in a video game or should we always be kept happy by fast fun with few melancholy consequences? Can art and gameplay inhabit the same screen without one compromising the other? Steve Polak explores the peculiar magical adventure that is Ori and the Blind Forest and chews the cud over these issues. Reviewed on Xbox One.Ori And The Blind Forest Reviewed On Web Wombat
Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell - Is the latest release by Volition, being a standalone expansion of Saints Row IV. It is a decidedly silly, fast past game that will certainly have you laughing at the satirized version of hell, called New Hades in game, and enjoying a number of quirky mini-games, but becoming disappointed with the simple one track storyline and lack of character depth. Reviewed on PS3 .Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell Reviewed On Web Wombat

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