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Dishonored 2 - Dunwall, that most bleak of holiday destinations is once again in turmoil. True to form Corvo is back to right wrongs, but this time around he is aided by princess Emily as well. Is this sequel to one of the best stealth games to see the light of day in recent times? Reviewed on PC.Dishonored 2 : Reviewed On Web Wombat
2016 Game Of The Year! - Enjoying your holiday? If you'd like to sample some of the best games to be released in 2016 and don't know where to start Steve Polak breaks it down in detail with the Web Wombat Game Of The Year top ten. Reviewed on Various.2016 Game Of The Year! : News on Web Wombat Games
Dead Rising 4 - Those undead hordes are back and so too is snapper and skull cracker par excellence Frank West. Is Dead Rising 4 on the Xbox One a fitting return for the wisecracking unwitting hero? Steve Polak slices and dices by the dozen in an attempt to find out. Reviewed on Xbox One.Dead Rising 4 Reviewed on Web Wombat
Disney Magical World 2 - Fancy exploring the hundred acre wood, hanging out with the Seven Dwarves, or going surfing with Lilo and Stitch? This great little adventure delivers this and more besides. Is this game the perfect Christmas gift for younger 3DS pundits? Reviewed on Nintendo 3DS.Disney Magical World 2 Reviewed On Web Wombat
XCOM 2 - The aliens are coming, and they aren't friendly timid ET types. Instead they have dominated Earth, enslaved most of the population and what is worse most people have just accepted their fate. Thankfully, you are heading the resistance as the leader of XCOM. Reviewed on PS4.XCOM 2 Reviewed on Web Wombat

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