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Sunset Overdrive - The world is coming to an end yet again. Naturally the flavour of the month in video games, hordes of 'zombies', are behind it again. However Insomniac Games have attempted to breath fresh life into this most corpulent of genres, with a game that blends parkour, skateboarding, shooter and comedy components. Does this unholy concoction stand up to scrutiny? Grab a can of Overcharge Delirium XT and get ready to feel the buzz as we put the game through its paces. Reviewed on Xbox One.Sunset Overdrive Reviewed On Web Wombat
Nintendo 3DS XL - The big N have launched a revamped version of their successful 3DS technology. There are two models, a standard size unit and a larger screen machine known as the New Nintendo 3DSXL. Steve Polak gets his oversized hands on the only machine that'd fit and looks at the XL. Is it worth ditching your original 3DS? Is the XL a major or minor improvement? All will be revealed, as we put the new machine through its paces. Hardware Review.Nintendo 3DS XL - Hardware Review
Dragon Age: Inquisition - 'Dragon Age: Inquisition' is a third person, semi-open world, medieval themed action RPG set in a truly expansive and visually spectacular fantasy world. There are vicious demons, heavily armed Templars, Mages, hungry wildlife and of course DRAGONS! In-game battles are challenging, the A.I. is competent and best of all the graphics are stunning. However the facial animation are a bit weird, so stay away if you're scared of sock puppets. Reviewed on PC.Dragon Age: Inquisition Reviewed on Web Wombat
Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Halo is back in the biggest extravaganza to date. The Master Chief Collection is the definitive option for Halo fans who have enjoyed previous games in the series and want to really indulge in all things Halo on Microsoft's latest console, the all powerful Xbox One. The game sports enhanced visuals, new play modes plus plenty of bonuses and surprises. However one question remains. Is it worth shelling out your shekels for something many of you may have played before? Steve Polak dons the Master Chief's helmet and finds out. Reviewed on Xbox One.Halo: The Master Chief Collection  Reviewed On Web Wombat
Evil Within - Is one of the most impressive looking horror adventures to arrive on the 'next gen' consoles. Few games venture in to such deep and terrifying waters. Coming from development legend Shinji Mikami, this is a game with massive expectations. Reviewed on PS4.Evil Within Reviewed On Web Wombat

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