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Ori And The Blind Forest - Are games art? Can a video game be emotionally evocative and still offer the sort of instantaneous 'plug and play' fun we expect from the medium. Does pathos belong in a video game or should we always be kept happy by fast fun with few melancholy consequences? Can art and gameplay inhabit the same screen without one compromising the other? Steve Polak explores the peculiar magical adventure that is Ori and the Blind Forest and chews the cud over these issues. Reviewed on Xbox One.Ori And The Blind Forest Reviewed On Web Wombat
Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell - Is the latest release by Volition, being a standalone expansion of Saints Row IV. It is a decidedly silly, fast past game that will certainly have you laughing at the satirized version of hell, called New Hades in game, and enjoying a number of quirky mini-games, but becoming disappointed with the simple one track storyline and lack of character depth. Reviewed on PS3 .Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell Reviewed On Web Wombat
Far Cry 4 - Far Cry has long been popular as the "thinking man's shooter." The series is renowned for gun play with plenty of other interesting options thrown in as extras. The latest release is no exception. We thought we'd check Far Cry 4 out, just before some extra content for the game is released. So grab your virtual passport and follow us on a journey through the fictional kingdom of Kyrat. Reviewed on PS4.Far Cry 4 Reviewed on Web Wombat
Hand of Fate - Can I interest you in a hidden gem? Are you curious about mystical powers and the spirit world? Do you lust for battles with the undead, gold you can steal from goblins and magical power? Hand Of Fate delivers all of this and the game is an Aussie developed offering too. Steve Polak dons his magic 'cloak of reviewer excellence +5' and ventures forth into the dungeons! Reviewed on Xbox One.Hand of Fate Reviewed on Web Wombat
Life Is Strange - Ever wanted to 'go left when you went right?' Ever felt you have made a huge mistake the millisecond after you have made a particular choice? Life Is Strange is an intriguing adventure game that lets you effectively get a 'do over' for most decisions you make. The main character Max Caufield, can rewind time, erasing very recent events and choosing to handle encounters differently. This unusual game shows a lot of promise. Will you want to rewind time and erase any memory of the game, should you play it? Or is it worth further investigation? Steve Polak becomes a 'time lord' and helps find out. Reviewed on Xbox One.Life Is Strange Reviewed on Xbox One : Web Wombat Games

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